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General Description of Role:

1.  Highest authority in the Corporation.
2.   Accountable for Suncor’s financial performance.
3.  Ensures Suncor’s assets are efficiently utilized in a responsible manner with a view to maximizing
     shareholder value.
4.  Directs the Corporation’s strategic planning activities and provides leadership and overall guidance
     in both the administration and operation of the Corporation.
5.  Leads the Corporation with a clearly defined sense of business direction and purpose. Serves as a
     role model for Suncor’s vision and values and creates and fosters a culture of integrity among other
     executive officers and throughout the organization.

Specific Accountabilities:

Strategic Planning

•  Develops a well defined strategy for the Corporation.
•  Establishes management processes and specific performance measures that clearly support the
    long-term strategy.
•  Assesses performance and makes timely changes in strategy, structure and resource allocations.
   Financial Results
•  Defines appropriate long-term financial objectives and sets annual goals consistent with the business
•  Establishes, monitors and maintains appropriate management systems to provide effective control of
•  Demonstrates diligence in making the appropriate certifications required under any governing
   securities and corporate legislation.


•  Leads the Corporation with a clearly defined sense of business direction and purpose.
•  Effectively communicates Suncor’s vision and values for Suncor to all employees. Serves as a role
    model for this vision and values and creates and fosters a culture of integrity throughout the
•  Ensures that there is in operation an effective framework of governance which provides the direction
    and parameters within which business is to be conducted, aligns accountabilities and authorities
    and defines any required policies, standards and guidelines.
•  Ensures programs are in place that will aid in retaining and motivating the top management team,
     and attracting new executives as needed. Identifies and develops the next generation of senior
•  Promotes the development of effective recruiting, training, retention and management development
    programs for all employees.
•  Effectively serves as the Corporation's liaison with the industry and the investor communities.


•  Defines the strategic direction for safety, establishing performance targets for the operating
    businesses and ensuring adherence to established policies and standards. Government,
    Environment and Social Relations
•  Effectively engages in dialogue with environmental, social, government and other stakeholder groups
    to understand their issues and concerns. Ensures they have an appreciation for the Corporation’s
    vision, values, business goals, challenges & achievements.
•  Ensures that programs are in place to maintain effective relations with such groups and the local
    communities served by the Corporation.

Board of Directors Relationship

•  Establishes effective working relationships collectively and individually with the Board of Directors.
•  Keeps the Board kept fully informed on all important issues facing the Corporation (internal and
•  Recommends appropriate policies for Board consideration.